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Here you will find answers to the questions you didn't know you even had!

"Did you go to art school?"

While I did not go to an "art" school, I did receive a BFA  in graphic design from James Madison University, where the graphic design program has a pretty heavy fine arts requirement. I took classes in 2D design, 3D design, painting, drawing, sculpture, metals and jewelry, and lithography.


"How long have you been making art?"

I have been drawing since I was given crayons as a kid. Around 3 or 4 years old my main subject matter was Ariel, the little mermaid. At that point my skill level meant she had a red oval bubble for hair and only 3 sausage fingers on each hand. So if you count all the way back then, that would be about 25 years of experience. If you want to count from the beginning of college, that would be 11.


"Do you take commissions?"

Yes! So far the only commissions I have done are acrylic paintings of individual/family portraits from photographs, but that doesn't mean that's all I am open to doing! If you have an idea for some creative collaboration please fill out my commission request form.


"I saw photos of jewelry, do you sell any of it?"

The jewelry are one of a kind pieces that I sold at the 2021 Orange Uncorked Wine Festival. If you're interested in having a custom set made please fill out my contact form and we can talk through what you're thinking and how much it would cost.


'Where do you find your inspiration?"

All over! Sometimes it comes from books I've read or movies I've seen. Other times it comes from walking through stores seeing what's trending. Lately I have been joining Instagram mood board drawing challenges for inspiration.

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