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15+ Allergy Set with Hook Box

15+ Allergy Set with Hook Box

The 15+Allergy Set with Hook Box allows your new, precious little villains to be protected in a box that unfolds and doubles as directions! Included in the box will be your up to 15+ villains and a book ring to keep all of your Food Villains together, with directions on the box that explain how to use them.


How to choose your Food Villains:

Since there's so many of them, instead of choosing from a drop down menu, write your allergies in the "Write what allergies you have here" box. If you need a villain made that is not part of the existing characters, choose "yes" from the "I need a custom character" and include it in the list of the rest of your allergies. 


If you love the Food Villains so much that you want to have all of them, choose "yes" from the "I want th