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5-9 Allergy Set with Hook Box

5-9 Allergy Set with Hook Box

The 5-9 Allergy Set with Hook Box allows your new, precious little villains to be protected in a box that unfolds and doubles as directions! Included in the box will be your up to 9 villains and a book ring to keep all of your Food Villains together, with directions on the box that explain how to use them.


How to choose your Food Villains:

For 5-6 allergies, choose what food allergies you have from the dropdown menus located under each allergy number. If you have less than 6 food allergies then select "None" from the drop down list under Allergy 6. For allergies 7-9 write the name of the food you're allergic to in the box that says, "Write what allergies you have for 7-9 here".


If you have less than 5 food allergies check out my 1-4 Allergy sets.


Do you have an allergy that doesn't have a villain yet?

Choose custom from the drop down menu and write the name of the allergy for which you need a villain created in the custom text box where it says, "couldn't find your allergy on the list?".


  • Size

    Cards are 2.2 x 3.43 inches

    Hook box is 2.6 x 3.6 x 0.37 in

  • Materials