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It's all about that color!

I love making art, it doesn't matter whether it's painting, drawing, 3D or digital, I just love to make things. My style is all about color. Color in its vibrancy, its nuance, its ability to show light and life, and the depth it can bring to an image. It's about trying new things and improving on old ones. Each work of art is a chance to practice textures, design, and the balance between realism and stylization. My favorite mediums to use are acrylic paints and alcohol markers for the vibrancy they easily lend themselves to, but I have used watercolor, gouache, spray paint, colored pencil, graphite pencil, clay, digital, and even crayons!


For me, making art is a chance to have fun and bring fantastical places or people to life from my imagination. It's a process of growing, changing, trying, learning, exploring and furthering. 

If you're interested in somehow being a part of my art journey please fill out my contact form!


Visit the Shop

I will have a physical shop location in Glen Allen's Painted Tree Boutiques. Where you can shop my art in person 7 days a week!

Marble Surface

Illustrating Imagination

For me, illustrating imagination Is the process of using physical materials to bring the invisible into a tangible form that can be experienced, learned from, and enjoyed.

Watch the video to hear me talk a little more about my style.

A little more about me...

Film Reels

Favorite Movie

There's so many, but I really love the Lord of the Rings, specifically the Return of the King.

Pages of Book

Favorite Author

100% Ted Dekker, he's able to create such vivid stories and show the spiritual as something physical.

Image by Sean Oulashin

Beach or Mountains?

The beach has always been my go to vacation. I love the water and there's something so calming about large bodies of water.

French Fries

Favorite Snack

French fries all the way!

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