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A fun, creative way to explain your food allergies to others



The birth of the Food Villains

I have always had food allergies, but as I have gotten older, I have become allergic to more and more foods. As a result, every time I mention that I have food allergies, inevitably the next question is "oh, then what are you allergic to?" For me, it was just too long of a list to go through every time for each person. Necessity is the birthplace of invention, so I started playing around with creating a visual representation of my food allergies that was fun and easy to hand to someone and that person be able to easily understand all of the foods I couldn't have. Not only that, but they could also get a general idea of how severely I would react to those foods. Now, instead of verbally listing out everything, everytime, I can just say, "Here, let me show you!"

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Tell me more...

The 26 Food Villains

These are all of the characters that exist so far. To begin, I sketched out each villain on paper, scanned them into the computer and then redrew them in Adobe Illustrator. The completed characters were then brought into Photoshop to create the final allergy cards.

The Severity Scale

The severity scale is split into 4 reaction levels, uncomfortable, mild, serious, and deadly. It's up to the person who has the allergies to decide what reaction level matches their situation. For myself, these are the symptoms I associate with each level:

uncomfortable = headaches or bloating

mild = nausea or itchy throat

serious = a few hives, vomiting or coughing

deadly = anaphylaxis

NOTE: The Food Villains are not a replacement for medical alert tags. They are a visual aid to help you explain your allergies, not an emergency alert tag.



Just a few things you might want to know...

How much are they?

The price will depend on how many cards you need and whether you want the mini or game card size. Prices will start at $9 + tax & shipping.

Can I get some Food Villains merch?

Not yet, but let me tell you I am all for it! DM me on Instagram @thefoodvillains_cards with suggestions of ideas you want to see!

How big are they?

The mini cards are 2.5x1.75 inches. The game size cards are 2.2 x 3.4 inches.

Why are the allergens depicted as villains?

Because to people with these food allergies, the food is harmful to them.

What if you don't have my food allergy?

A new villain can be made if one doesn't already exist for your food allergy. There will be a box for that when they become available.

I love the villains! How can I help spread the word?

Tell everybody, anybody all the buddies you know, about these little cuties! Following, liking and sharing on social media are also extremely helpful.


I want my own set of Food Villains! 

The Food Villains will be available for pre-order starting August 13, 2022 so be sure to check back then! In the meantime, you can fill out the form to receive an email reminder about when the Food Villains will be ready for purchasing.

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